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Bouts of depression

Bouts of depression

Apr 28, 2018
While sure, it sounds like it could work if you took a large enough dose, the wiki itself says it is hard to judge. I personally wouldn't recommend anything other than a guarantee.

If you happen to live alone and know you wouldn't be bothered for a week, I guess give it a try. Maybe you wake up a few days later, maybe you don't.

I would never though, in good conscience, recommend something other than a surefire method if execution is proper.

ODing on a substance that doesn't kill you typically feels like shit. Super super shit. So use at your own risk.

If you happen to have some of this just laying around, share. errr... uhhh... I mean... maybe put a shitton under your tongue then duct tape your mouth shut to prevent you from losing it when you fall unconscious. Also, it will likely mean you suffocate as you vomit, with no where for the vomit to go, you aspirate the vomit and then die because of that. It would then of course not look like an accidental OD but a suicide, so again, up to you.

With no way to guarantee a certain body weight + certain dose = dead, I would recommend avoiding other than recreationally.
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El Topo

El Topo

Apr 21, 2018
Hi, yesterday i discovered this substance called 25I-NBOMe.
It's a psychedelic, it caused several deaths for overdose, because people confused it with LSD (https://www.erowid.org/chemicals/nbome/nbome_death.shtml).
Does anybody know if it can be used for a volountary OD? More informations here https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/25I-NBOMe

Death from NBOMe seems very painful and distressing. And if you survive, there can be some nasty side effects due to the extreme vasoconstriction they cause. There are people who have lost fingers and toes from this class of psychedelics.