Feb 23, 2022
Mental health services in UK are a mess.
Have PTSD from Hillsborough football disaster and recurring generalised anxiety depression now treatment resistant and daily headaches all day.. I think partly due to the cacophony of drugs I was given .. no drug worked.
I'm now cognitive function impairment haven't worked for 2.5yrs... mental health services washed hands of me.. nothing they can do...
Tried therapy... family dont understand.
Daily thoughts of suicide all day...


Apr 29, 2022
Everyone is disconnected. My soulmate died. I’m a shell of myself. I can walk through the city having a panic attack and crying silently looking like a zombie and nobody cares. Not a single person asks: are you ok?

We don’t see each other anymore. We don’t care. If we do see someone in the depths of despair, we avoid their eyes, look away, or worse - mock.

Drugs don’t work, at least they’ve never worked for me. I think antidepressants are less about the patient and more about trying to make us palatable for a society that doesn’t want to deal with seeing what that deem “negative” emotions.

Psyche “professionals” are also clinically detached, generally.

If I felt connected to anyone, anything, maybe I wouldn’t be on this forum. But the only one who ever stopped my ideation died. So fast. And without him I just don’t see the point.

MH services are a joke. Here, call a helpline. Because they don’t have anything else to offer but meds.


Apr 29, 2022
Mental Health is hard and people who want to help don't know how. The Health Care system is for profit, over burdened and filled with people who are overworked, underpaid and restricted. Then there are just the unqualified people. The education doesn't evolve as fast as civilization, the pandemic, the absolutely ridiculous and ever increasing wealth gap, it's insane right now. Everyone is so filled with bias and there are more people from different backgrounds moving to the same space with different value systems and upbringings.

It's a mess.... civilization is a mess. It's all 'one size fits all' and most people just aren't equipped to deal with mental issues.
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Mar 18, 2022
In our society, I believe there needs to be more conversation about mental health. It is obvious that our current mental health system fails everyone it touches and it shows. Those with mental illness or problems are often looked down upon, treated as outcasts, or even excluded from society entirely. Not only that, but the current "solutions" are obviously not working. Therapy is a joke in general, although it does help some. Psychiatrists only seek to medicate you so you can "feel" better. None of these things is treating the underlying problems, only the symptoms. Modern medicine is set up only to treat the symptoms, not address the underlying problems. This is what I believe is the crux of the problem: Too many medical professionals just simply don't care about the people that they treat, in my opinion. You can't talk about these problems with close friends or family, or you'll be labelled "crazy" and treated poorly for it. There is a stigma associated with talking about mental illness in general and even more of a stigma associated with talking about suicide. This community exists to let people talk about these things judgement-free and anonymously.

I want to open up a wider conversation about how we can improve the failed mental health system because the current approach isn't working.

What do you think could be done?
Well most these mental health professionals, if you want to call them that, most of them come from relatively comfortable middle class to upper class families, with little strife in their environments yet they hope to help those with much strife. I suggest that they get some street education let’s say, to understand what it is like to be down in the gutter, to truly suffer, because there’s just some things that can’t be taught by books alone. They don’t know what your going through nor do many really care to be honest. We need more therapists like Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting. Oh, and they should stop talking to you like your mentally incapacitated like Harry and Lloyd out of Dumb & Dumber.


May 2, 2022
We had a brief physiology class and studied depression and other mental illnesses in psychiatry at med school. And it was more about discovering suicidal behavior to isolate and "help" them or what medication to give me than actually helping them. Surely that's not really our job to treat patients with mental disorders but at least give us brief instructions on how to help them. Symptomatic treatment is good but it is temporary if the undelaying cause is ignored and it does get ignored most of the time.
Plus it's not common in my country to go to a therapist if you are not crazy. Mental disorders don't exist here and if you are suffering from depression you need to just man up or get a job.


May 21, 2022
Why does someone who has had enough of life and wishes to die suddenly gets labelled as having a mental health condition? How many soldiers lost their lives when they were heading for certain death, were they also labelled as having mental health issues? Or is our lives only worth being disposed of when is for the benefit of the rich and powerful?
We live in a society were social inequality is getting constantly worse, there are only 2 classes, rich and poor. You can work all you like, you will still end up with nothing.
So , when I decide I no longer want to be part of this, living in servitude of the rich who control how much we are allowed to earn and how much of that we are allowed to keep, and in the end the majority will spend their lives working just to survive, if I decide to end my life before becoming old and crippled from years of work, why should I suddenly be labelled as having a "mental health" condition?
Should I let someone else decide whether I should live or die?
Thats my own choice to make, it should be anyone's choice to make
I am sure that if suicide benefited the ruling classes, no doubt it would be accepted, just like covid where the vast majority who died were old, frail, sick, disabled. Was it an Aktion T4 in disguise? Only know one person who died "from" covid, well not really, an over 70 who went to hospital with a bowel condition but died of pneumonia while hospitalised, but labelled as a covid death.


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Dec 9, 2021
This wouldn't fix everything for everyone, but stop basing our medical model for "normal" exclusively on cis men, and do drug/other treatment trials on a wider gender spectrum. Put money into researching premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and premenstrual exacerbation.