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Sep 11, 2018
The title of this thread is really just another way for me to break the awkwardness that comes with posting serious stuff.

But I just know. Today's going to be a sad memory. To be honest, posting this is Instagram levels of crap. You guys don't need daily blog posts of whatever angsty "feelies" I have on a day to day basis. And most of my posts are tagged as "stories". I just hope that the fact I post sparingly will stave off the mobs.

Anyhow. Back to what I was saying.

Today. I just know it. Is going to be a sad memory. Like all my other memories are. I don't know how to put this feeling into words. It's that feeling of losing against time. That feeling you know you're going to lose something deep down. And maybe.

You just haven't acknowledged you already lost it.

Because everything ends at some point. And like all my relationships do. This one will too. As inconsequential as this one was, I really don't want it to end.

I don't want to go to sleep yet. Why do I always feel like I'm losing out? Probably because I am.
I just want to close my eyes and hope the world stops spinning for just a moment.
Today is a happy day. And it'll stay that way.

Though that's impossible and so the days go on


Jul 12, 2018
Hah, it's not just an angsty blog what you've got to say is valuable and worth it. Sorry you're feeling like crap..
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