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Oct 25, 2021
I made the entire forum private to shield members from the judgemental and exhibitionary behavior of the public eye. That means only registered members can access the forum at the moment. This is a temporary(!) decision to address some concerns of the community. This forum contains deeply personal and intimate discussions and I understand that the current amount of public attention makes people feel uncomfortable to post anything. I'd like to hear your input about this change.

I may have responded to this already - forgive an old woman. Thank you so much for making me feel safer. I, personally, do bare my soul on this site (I have nowhere else to go) and hate the thought that there are idiot lookie loos reviewing my private thoughts. Muchas Gracias!!
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Jun 8, 2020
Even although I have very few posts and interactions here: for what my opinion therefore is worth excellent move and idea. Probably should have been implemented a long time ago. If not for any other reason than that it stops search engines from indexing the site and the text contained in individual posts and threads. So there's an added benefit given the current shit show going on with this NYT article and ft26 and which has incensed me no end. Been silent on the matter until I've calmed down for fear of totally losing my shit about this and who knows where that could lead to (I've hunch it wouldn't be a good thing). Few things in life have gotten under my skin as has this sanctimonious interference with this site (and unlike the original owners or moderators I'm not quite as accepting of nor empathetic to their cause and motives for reasons which I'm sure, knowing me only too well, it'll be a stretch for me to remain silent about this shit).

I mean to say you have to love the NYT double-standards

But then I guess that was big news and therefore generates views and the resultant ad. or subscription revenue.

If's an entire article on the Sarco. in none other than the NYT dated 16 Dec. 2021 (as opposed to the offending article about SS which was published on 9 Dec 2021) So lemme get this straight, they trash this site on 9 December and then 7 days later they're publixhing an article on the Sarco. machine. These people are living in an alternate reality or certainly don't understand. People don't come to this site and ONLY then become suicidal. If anything I submit that the article on the machine could very easily have swayed anybody sitting on the fence. So how come they're not being taken to task. It would make my day if somebody saw the Sarco article and went ahead and family members could prove that it was the Sarco.. article that that acted as the catalyst for a suicide and the NYT got their asses sued off. Wonder if that'd make the headlines.

And what perplexes me and annoys me even more; in each and every case cited there were known mental health issues. My point being that you don't go straight from depression and mental health issues to being suicidal. There's plenty of warning signs along the way e.g. obvious behavioural changes and mood changes (ask me how I know) so there's more than a few that were sleeping at the wheel seems to me but of course it's easier to blame a site such as this than accept responsibility for your own shortcomings and failures.

And the journalists could have saved themselves a good deal of time and effort in the 9 December article about SS. All they needed to do was copy and paste the text from ft26's website (mind you: if you compare the article to said website maybe that's what they did do and went from there) (which makes it pretty obvious as to who instigated this shit show I'd say). And curiously: the proposed amendments to Section 230 have absolutely fuck all to do with suicide i.e. the proposed changes are wide reaching and opens doors to civil suits for compensation no? Hmmnnn... I wonder (but that's just me of course).

So much for keeping my trap shut. What can I say. Once I got started it just flowed.

Unless I'm misunderstanding ththreadon access change:

I can tell you that the forums are clearly and easily accessible still. Just checked. Logged out and cleared each and every possible temporary file and cache and came back to the site and without logging in and can clearly read each and every post here Including mine above just posted.
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