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Aug 13, 2018
I have decided that it’s a done deal now for me. The bad always outweighs the good and I am trying to make the best plan possible.

I made an impulsive attempt a few months ago that didn’t go as planned and I was lucky to a) not end up with brain damage and b) not get locked up so I need to make sure I do things right.

There are many things I want, although I know that realistically it will not tick all of the boxes.

I don’t want to hurt anyone, so no method that could screw anyone else up, no being found by some poor dog walker etc.

I love my family and so want the make it as easy as possible. They are religious and viewing my body is something they will want to do so no jumping, and my body will need to be found before it decomposes.

It’s a fine line between ensuring I cannot be saved and being found by a professional before my body starts to decompose.

I was thinking a delayed email with coordinates but I know there are pros and cons to this. I also know that it will suck for professionals also but at least they get free councilling.

I am thinking either partial suspension again, carbon monoxide in car or tent or helium/argon and an exit bag

Here in the UK any suicide means there is a public inquest which Is the main thing I am worried about, the stress of it on my family and friends, things from my past being dragged up, my mental health notes etc. I am thinking of leaving my town as an inquest is held where the death happens so this can limit some of the damage hopefully.

I’d like to donate organs but I know the only way to make this possible risks being a vegetable or failing.

I have written up an advanced directive that should help cover the in case I mess it up, no life saving measures unless I will survive with brain damage etc without said measure. No artificial ventilation etc. I want to get it signed by a doctor to prove I am of sound mind but don’t want to tip anyone off.

Sorry this is really long. Any help to make this plan as bullet proof as possible. Seems very strange putting this out there but I guess I don’t really have anything left to lose.
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Empty Smile

The final Bell has rung. Goodbye to all.
Jul 13, 2018
Well, the exit bag is probably the only thing that will keep you looking normal, other than being dead. If you want to be found rather quickly before you start decomposing, I'd get a motel room. Come check out time, someone will come in. Other methods will have you looking messed up, although I don't know about cyanide or if you successfully OD on pills.

This is just a wild guess on my part. I am not a certified suicide technician.