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Faux human
Dec 27, 2020
In the end, it may be very difficult to find those answers, and any answer that we find may be wrong, because we may not understand how to interpret it correctly.
I can only give the answers that I expect Ramana would give. I cannot answer from my own experience.

The universe is only an appearance, not real, so there is no question of it having an origin. The nature of the Self (God, consciousness) is completely eternal, but formless. What we see is projected from ourselves, including other people. Our mistake is taking the appearances to be real. He liked to make comments like, "It is as it is," which discouraged wasting time trying to mentally understand the cosmos.

The ultimate question then becomes 'Who am I?' With the right guidance, this is where the potential for liberation lies.
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Its like that

Dec 15, 2021
Basically, it doesn't matter what planet, dimension or universe we find ourselves in. Ultimately the point of being there will be to give things a go. This earth is just another place where things happen! I cant enjoy it anymore, illness has taken over. So now contemplation begins on how to escape life. Reduced to eating, drinking and breathing. Hardly living. Even if we picture things or existing in another state, that too would bring its own challenges! However, i welcome them.
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Nov 14, 2021
You've known, since the day you were born... Something is very wrong with this picture. Things are not adding up. I'm not supposed to be here. The universe, should not exist. I should not exist. This is a mad house. A Lunatic asylum! NONE of this shit makes any sense. WTF is happening here?

Good on ya. That is the first step of many to follow...


Sep 28, 2020
If there’s an alter life I wish it’s like the movie the lovely bones, a must watch.


Aug 15, 2021
What's the use?

"Argue no more what a good man ought to be - be one." Marcus Aurelius


Dec 16, 2021
I just wish it is game over, no more existence for me, no reincarnation or afterlife. This wish used to bring me great comfort, now it feels a little kore sad, but hearing what all religions and whatnot have to say about the alternatives, i'd just still go for lights out, eternal sleep.


death: the cure for life
Dec 9, 2019
Tl;DR: cactus trip, did see spirits xD

I've done san Pedro (mescaline cactus) once and i saw two spirits. I felt like my senses were heightened. It might have been a hallucination but i must say the spirits seemed very real. They looked like human beings but they were semi transparent, like on a layer that is below our physical one, this layer had such high resolution, it felt amazing, nothing compared to the "physical". I know it was just a cactus trip but it did really impress me. The two spirits were female and they radiated pure peace and tranquillity, i could hear them but im no longer sure if i did so internally or externally.

Edit: psychedelics can be very frightening/dangerous nonetheless, for me the cactus was kinda nice compared to other lab made psychedelics I've tried, be very careful, im not recommending anyone to do it.
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The Hated One
Sep 26, 2021
Recently I've tried to think deeper about death just being a permanent sleep. If things go according to plan, I have one month left to live, and I try to comfort myself this way and not think about something else.

Analyzing sleep a bit. You don't realize when it happens, it just happens. Your awareness and everything just disappears. No feeling, no warning, nothing. It becomes pitch black without knowing. And then you don't feel anything (well that's if we exclude the possibility of nightmares and dreams). At one point you wake up as suddenly as you went to sleep.

And that's how I like to imagine what it is after death. Sleeping, but permanently. You won't realize when you will fall "asleep", I think.

We could consider the period before being born a sleep too.

Well, I don't know if this makes any sense but I just want to reduce my anxiety regarding the subject hjfjgkg.
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Jan 22, 2020
I strongly believe in a form of reincarnation. I don't believe we, as our own identities and souls come back into something else, yet, have the opportunity to start fresh in a new lease of life.
Every person (host) is controlled by somebody. You control you. Your friends and family are controlled by a host. "You" are disconnected from the host, as that host could be anyone, you have just been placed into the host you are in now. Much as how it could be in an after life - just of course you would not be aware of your previous host.