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Sun Stealer

Sun Stealer

Aug 19, 2018

i usually never drink but tonight i've been drinking a lot of beers alone: )))and tried partial suspension and unlike when you're sober, the feeling of putting rope around your neck feels like nothing or almost pleasurable i could say, like i didn't understand what i was doing. so tip for everyone who have decided to hang themselves: drink before the final act!! you're reasons why you're doing this have been thought through 100 times while sober, now it's time to act. you will feel much calmer, no fear. i didn't go through with it because i plan to go with full suspension hanging tomorrow. that doesn't mean anything though, since tomorrow is my answer since december.

i almost always feel how great and sad life is when i drink, i imagine myself in some party, and for some reason, i would like to kiss someone for like 30 minutes. i was suicidal even with boyfriend.wtf?? i really feel i would like to share my night with someone in real life,not through screen:((.fucking sucks so much.

gonna blush my cheeks out of my face tomorrow, and really thinking that being drunk from different drinks feels different. like, will i be able to tie the rope around the treebranch when i've drunk rum which is my favourite drink? beer feels the best at the moment.
Hey just stick with us. Always been drunk to attempt the end but if you are still there I'm here to talk.. and drink if you like


Jul 2, 2018
Still just working through earth’s supply of vodka .... But see I have stairs in my place..... and when I drink I like to have a few oxys .... and sit in the dark. And so while I want to kill my self.... I will probably just trip and die. Drunk, high and in the dark - because my cat can’t wait it’s fucking turn on the stairs and tripped me.
But tell everyone it was Suicide ok? Make it an awesome story.