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Jul 31, 2020
not just YouTube like most big sites like Facebook, I think 2013/2012 was the last few years that I really enjoyed spending my time in those places where there was still a little censorship policy compared to today, if you say that a person is too fat and needs a gym is blocked for 1 week for hate speech, the best way to get away from all this shit is to go to decentralized apps replacing the current ones with others, like telegram, I still wait for a competitor to Facebook that is up to date


The Hated One
Sep 26, 2021
Not only these but it has become a censorship cesspool like all the other well-known sites on the internet. Why the fuck would you remove the dislike button even.

It's also funny how they insist on their "kid-friendly" content bullshit, but the site is full of subtly sexualized videos, animal cruelty, stuff like the channel MrSleepyPeople and even videos with fucking torture. Yes, fucking torture. There were some videos from 2015-2016 that showed the torture of Mexican journalist Juan Carlos.

They allow these on the site easily. But videos where predators are caught? Or dangerous people being exposed? Hell nah, they'd rather get cancer than allow these videos on the site for some reason????

MamaMax's videos are taken down constantly. That guy is a saint. He's risking his life in order to catch these sick fucks who want to hurt children. He's putting months into his work and this greedy fucked up platform takes his videos down in less than a week. Last time it happened it resulted in a war basically, even if YouTube said things will change in the end, I still think this platform sides with pedos. It's simply sick.

I wish the other alternatives like Odysee became more known and that everyone switched there.


Global Mod “Ye shall be as gods..🐍🍎”
Jun 22, 2021
Absolutely. Youtube became garbage. In my language pornographic stories with none-pornographic cartoons are being spreading like wildfire. Disgusting stories like incest are being popularized to underage. I am sick of reporting that content without it being taken down. Utter garbage
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Jan 22, 2020
There still are the odd, very wholesome channels that exist out there. "Ghost Town Living" for example showcases a man who purchases an abandoned mining town and sets out a journey exploring all abandoned mines, finding tons of real treasure and rebuilding the city. And the best part is that there are no ads!