Oct 26, 2021
The complications of having done that to my body are just beginning to settle in and I feel like the biggest idiot. Everyday is a fight not to give in and do it again. Anyone here been through an overdose and want to vent? Honestly the most shamefaced, desperate "method" out there. I now have rheumatoid arthritis in my mid twenties and diseased kidneys. Looking at a lifetime of pain up ahead, but I'm almost for 'walking' right through it, least walking as best as I can. Anyone else feel this sh**?
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Dec 14, 2018
All the time.
Overdoses make people hallucinate.
Then people are labeled as if they legitimately believe in those hallucinations.
(some people believe those hallucinations.)
Abusers take videos of those incidents and lie.
People won’t hand you money that’s yours.
You dance and laugh as they taunt you, trying to laugh it off.
Because people won’t listen when you tell them what happened.
They want you to scream.
They want to label you.
They want to blame you for being a victim.
They insult you. They lie more.
Blaming you for overdosing.
Rather than themselves for causing it.
Forcing themselves into your life where they aren’t welcome.
Burning you from your jobs. Your education. Your housing.
Asking you the same question 100x until you snap.

Wasting your time and money and treating you as if you’re some type of alien.

Nobody takes you seriously.
This is one fucked up world.

People fail to see your sense of humor or acknowledge your serious side and then blame you.

Hospitals ask you for a celeb pic and criticize you for cutting your hair. Wanting to never see your fuckin family again. All of it.

Gender norms. Piece of shit police officers, bullshit doctors, bullshit nurses, bullshit societal “expectations” of “normal” and “abnormal.”

There are so many reasons to overdose. And so many reasons not to.
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I'm sensitive
May 2, 2020
I've overdosed but thankfully it wasnt too bad and didnt cause long term effects. But the urge to do it again is real. If I knew I wasnt going to cause long term damage to my body I would do it. I dont know what it is that makes me want to even. Like I know it's not likely to kill me. I'm not going to get good attention from it. It will only make my life worse yet I think about doing it everyday.


Aug 15, 2018
I overdosed twice one of the 2 I was found , brought to a hospital. Even there they had big problems keeping me alive. I was in coma for 2 weeks. I saw myself leaving my body , and after that pure bliss , no worries, problems or any pain. I don't like to share it but but it was heavenly.. Since then (actually before that to be honest) I'm not afraid of death since being in a deep coma I'd practically was dead with a saturation of less then 60% and couldn't breathe on my own strength. And was in the hospital for a month give or take.

After that failure I'm now planning it on such a remote place that it can't happen to me again.

But now I'm fully insured so my family won't be have to pay for funeral. Even they will get more money as needed for it. So I can give my parents a nice amount of money in my will..

Before I share to much I'll stop here.

And hoping that everyone else will have a better future.

Peace be with you ❣
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