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New Member
Aug 26, 2018
I'm guessing there are other people out there like me, on websites like this. I hope I can get to know you guys so I can feel less lonely. Here are some questions I've been wondering.

What is your biggest regret?
What are your favorite songs?
How was your day?

My biggest regret is my laziness and the bad choices I make.
My favorite song is either Bon Iver's skinny love or Chris Cornell's Like a Stone.


Invisible anarchist
Jul 9, 2018
I am a fellow teen.
My biggest regret is not doing my best to keep the only person I care about in my life.
My favourite 3 songs at present are:
Thnks fr the Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
Best Of You - Foo Fighters
Trip Switch - Nothing But Thieves
My day was uneventful and uncomfortable.


New Member
Aug 27, 2018
Hi to you all.

Would be not being able to maintain a disciplined style of life, I think the worst is knowing a better course of action but never doing anything to attain it, or rather just being complacent.
Since I listen to a lot of things is kinda of hard to choose but these would be now:
Genesis - Supper's ready
Nelson Cavaquinho - A flor e o espinho/Quando eu me chamar saudade
Nujabes feat shing02 - luv(sic) part 2
I had some different emotions since some unusual things happened but in the end theres always a dreadful feeling that spoils everything.
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