Final Escape

I’ve been here too long
Jul 8, 2018
I might have an opportunity to get help with my suicidal thoughts through EMDR, and was wondering if anybody has tried this? Basically it helps resolve the early trauma or like if u were in war but u can have a way more debilitating invisible form of ptsd through childhood neglect, abuse. It basically brings the traumas up to the front of the brain where they can get processed and u can start to maybe gain traction in your life. I’m hoping this is what happens. Im hoping I will be able to tackle my problems because I’m not consumed with just trying to get the very basics accomplished everyday.
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Aug 4, 2018
I considered it once with one of my psychologists years ago, not sure why it never really happened though. I wasn't able to envision a 'safe space' to return to if the thoughts got too much.

Livide Lamb

Apr 17, 2018
I've tried EDMR therapy but it was years ago, I was 12/13 at that time. When asking around me about it, I've only had positive feedback. But I guess it wasn't the right therapy for me, since it didn't do any good (at all). My therapist at that time was making me focus about emotions, (for exemple emotions that were showing up first in my head when I think about certains situations) but I was bottling up all my emotions thinking it was a good idea.
Anyway. I can only hope that this therapy will work for you since you seems to want to get rid of your suicidal thoughts. I can only wish you luck on this long path that is therapy.


Jul 26, 2018
I did and I think it helped significantly. I hope that it helps if you do end up trying it.