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I've made up my mind.
Sep 23, 2018
Yes, I have very recently felt this way. Especially when the people you think you can talk too just leave you behind as if everything you had told each other and the memories you both had did not exist. I feel invalidated and disregarded by a lot of people, infact this feeling only adds fuel to the fire.

You can look at life in as many different ways as you'd like but at the end of the day we're all just sacks of meat being controlled and told how to behave. When we don't conform society will think we are insane or abnormal. That is why this site exists after all, if everyone believed that we have our right to die then there would probably be easier ways to kill ourselves. But that isn't the case and it won't ever be. Instead I'm just going to be known as the quiet kid who killed himself. I'll die, people will front at the funeral and after a few weeks I will be forgotten about and added to some sort of death tally. "Ope, there goes another one."

Life is shit, people are shit and we're slowly driving ourselves into the fucking ground anyways. Forget the sun, we'll kill ourselves off with our own stupidity.


Memento mori
Sep 21, 2018
Definitely. I'm not important to anyone around me. No one actually needs me - in fact I'd be of better use to people if I was dead! But they keep me around because of their entire 'pro-life' charade.

On a larger scale we're all rather insignificant in this world.


There's a difference between existing and living.
Sep 3, 2018
Insignificance to whom and to what? The world? The universe? Other Humans? Why do we need the validation of all this stuff? No one truly cares and the world/universe are just indifferent to our very existence. So in a way if nothing matters then it's up to you to decide what matters. Of course its easier said than done. I get it though, we humans need some validation for our existence to compensate for our suffering. It's all a frightening thought and overwhelming but all we truly have is ourselves sadly. I just don't give a fuck anymore and the only validation I need is mine. Even though I'm a failure it doesn't mean I can't try to succeed in something like killing myself and who's going to validate that?
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Aug 2, 2018
I can be easily forgotten.
  • In school, I was sitting in the cafeteria with the same friends I always sat with. People gradually left for class or whatever; we were down to three. One girl got up, asked the other guy why he wasn’t getting up, why he was going to sit there by himself. I was literally right next to him.
  • Co-workers were interested in skydiving, so I obtained the info and sent it out so we could go together. One Monday a co-worker told me, “Hey, I went skydiving this weekend. It was cool. If you want to go, I’ll give you the info.” I replied, “Um, you got the info from me. We were supposed to go together.”
  • Also at work, I helped decorate everyone’s office cubes for their birthdays. I kinda became the unofficial department decorator. But when my birthday came around, no one did anything, not even a card.
  • When I attended to a concert with my friend, she asked why I wanted to go. I said that it was my birthday. Given she makes a big deal about her birthdays, she apologized for forgetting mine and said she’d buy me the CD for the band we went to go see. Later, I found the CD in a store, let her know. She asked me to make her a copy of the CD and was glad she could take it off her wish list.