losing my mind
Dec 20, 2018
I don’t have kids, but I have a 5 year old niece that thinks the world of me... I feel awful, I’m afraid how this might affect her down the line...
She’d still have her parents and grandparents though.
I’m just the depressed aunt she doesn’t get to see very often


Everything all at once
Jul 30, 2022
My son is the only reason I haven’t yet.
But he’s an adult now and is starting out on his own. He’s joining the military.
He has so much to look forward to and I’m just holding him back.
He’s so worried about me due to my health. I know he’d give everything up to care for me. But I can’t let him do that.
I have to let him go and I feel like this is the only way to truly set him free.


Jul 12, 2022
I have kids. Two beautiful boys. I am unable to parent them due to a tormenting incurable medical condition. They are young and at an age where they will not even know what happened. My greatest fear is that every day/week or month they get older they will get more conscious and my death will affect them more. There is no hope for a treatment. I live in misery. They will be better off without a miserable Father and have immense family support locally plus I have ensured they are financially set up for life. There is nothing but logic in my decision to CTB.

Every time I reason it out I come to the conclusion that now is the best time. That is in their best interests. I feel it is my ultimate act as a good parent.

My legacy will be intact as everyone I know has seen me suffer for years (apart from them, as I put on a show). I hope my logic is correct. I have put so much thought into it.