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Aug 18, 2020
I watched the news and seemingly the anxiety of many increases. Maybe it has to do with all the negative news one watches. Women seem to more often scared than men. This thread reminds me of my thread is it important for you to be physically strong. Due to the fact self-defence was a topic.

I am often alone. Usually I am not in public places when it is dark. Though sometimes I am in public vehicles when it is dark. I think physically I am very weak.I don't have much anxiety about it though. I mean if someone killed me I was glad about it. But becoming even more disabled is scary. And this is more likely than death when one has a physcial argument.

On new years eve I go with my friends through the city usually. We are a group of young men I am not scared then. But we are all pretty weak. Lol. Though in a group one has more confidence.

I don't know sometimes I have a bad gut feeling when I am alone at such places. Though then comes the comforting notion something could kill me.
I don't think much about it. I never was attacked at such a place. Instead domestic violence was the biggest issue in my life. With other experiences I could very well imagine it must be tough at certain places when one is alone.

I don't know much sophisticated on it. So I will end it here. I am kind of privileged that I never was in such a situation. On the oher hand I barely leave my house and I am a little bit isolated. So there is a certain price I pay for it.


Vibing & surviving (ish)
Sep 5, 2022
I live in the centre of a pretty big city and I'm a young adult woman so... Yeah. Would be naive not to be.


I'm pro CHOICE. Don't start on me. PLEASE
Aug 28, 2022
I'm male, and have no fears about this. But then, I've never been attacked at night, so. I've only been pick-pocketed during the day once, it's the worst that's happened to me


Mining for copium in the weirdest places.
Jan 15, 2022
It is against site rules to use abusive language or direct hate towards others based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation.
Keep importing young sexist men from violent Muslim countries to Germany, everything will sort itself out.


Sep 21, 2020
Yes. I look around and behind me and try to see if anyone is watching or following me. If I were to be assaulted again I would use anything at my disposal to defend myself as I know that the POS people who run the country I am in will not do anything to prevent the average person from being assaulted by the "migrants" they are bringing over for reasons that have everything to do with harming anyone and everyone who isn't in their tribe. I am morally justified in doing whatever is necessary to kill anyone who attacks me and if there are laws pretending to forbid that then the people who made those laws should be murdered. They are criminals who have blood all over their hands.
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Forever Sleep

Earned it we have...
May 4, 2022
Yes. It's not like I'm a particularly attractive woman- so I know I wouldn't be an ideal pick but I still get scared being out at night and try to avoid it if I can. I kind of hope I'd give 'em hell though... It's ok for me to want to kill myself but for someone else to try and do it (without my permission) would piss me off.

Think it's natural to be scared of the dark though- our major sense of sight is hugely restricted. Plus, more horrible things seem to happen then.


Sep 16, 2022
Not really, long as Smith, Wesson, and their associates are with me!


Feb 27, 2021

But I'm scared when I'm in public places in the day where there is people.
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Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
If there's a bit of streetlight and I'm totally alone, no, but if there's someone else, yes. If the darkness is absolute, the fear reaches my bones even if I am alone.

* Now I can no longer go out in low light, because of the dizziness.

** And that I'm an owl! 🙄


Si hi ha una mica de llum de fanal i estic totalment sol no, però si hi ha algú mes si. Si la foscor és absoluta la por m'arriba fins al moll dels ossos encara que estigui sol.

* Ara ja no puc sortir amb poca llum, pels vertigens.

** I això que sóc un mussol! 🙄
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never mind me

Nov 7, 2022
No, quite the opposite, actually. I feel more secure, when I'm out in the dark as I will meet less people and the few people I meet can't recognize me as easily. But it's obivously different, when I am in a city that is really dangerous, then I try to avoid dark and deserted areas. But in my day to day life, I don't typically need to be in really dangerous places at night.