Ethereal Knight

Ethereal Knight

Looking for the eternal night 🌕
Jan 10, 2022
here are some of my ideas (this is just brainstorming):

you could try figuring out with a psychiatrist if you have ADD or not. if you do have, there's medication for that.

less tik tok videos, instagram stories, and phone in general.

doing a "detox" from smartphone from time to time. you could try having a "dumbphone" instead of a smartphone for some time.

meditation (I think this one is huge!)

zero cocaine, opioids or pornography.

nofap / semen retention.

breathing exercises and breathing education (nasal breath).

sleeping well.

drinking a little bit of coffee or tea if your body tolerates caffeine.

regular intense physical exercise.

taking breaks every 50 minutes.

checking for vitamin deficiencies with your nutritionist.

bright light therapy.


Dec 15, 2021
How do you improve attention span? I really struggle with it. For example movies. I cannot watch a whole movie, I have to stop to do something else and then I return. I want to improve my focus.

I'm sorry that you can't keep your attention when watching movies, either. I relate in so far as to not remembering how movies ended, a few days later, so I only know what the movies were about, but not their ending scenes.

@Ethereal Knight had some good advice, which may help.
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Snuffing the Light Out
Nov 6, 2021
I also have a lot of difficulties with retaining my attention. I haven't been able to watch movies for years, and even starting shorter tv shows is an effort. I buy video games that I genuinely do want to play, but I can never focus enough to actually play them. It's quite the hassle, aha.
I hope you can find a good method that helps you focus on the things you enjoy!
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Dec 27, 2021
Not sure if it applies to you, but I find that movies so bad it's funny keeps my interest. Really sh*tty classics like Birdemic. Or one of my favorites, The VelociPastor (2018).