Jul 13, 2018
I know I said I was leaving the forum but hey, I'm one sick fucker.

So my method of choice is definitely going to be sodium azide. I plan on posting signs and stuff so emergency services know to be careful, and I'm not going to even order the stuff until I'm certain it's time so I don't have to worry about storing it for a long time.

Anyway, I reviewed the PPH and I noted that with cyanide, the author says it can be put into gel capsules and swallowed that way, but with azide, he recommends mixing it with water and turning it into a solution. However, my interpretation of the chapter is that he only recommends this because storing azide is easier as an aqueous solution and is more stable that way than as a powder, and not necessarily because the lethality of the azide would be affected if one were to put it into capsules prior to ingestion. Does anyone else agree with me or do you think I'm wrong and I should just go by the book and drink it as a solution? I'd prefer to put it into capsules because I think it'd be easier to take and I'd be less likely to vomit (I don't have access to quality anti-emetics), but I'm not going to risk screwing with the lethality of the stuff.

For review, the chapter in PPH is 07 Lethal Inorganic Salts. Mention of cyanide/gel capsules pg 6/22, azide mentions starts 9/22 in the pdfs.

Thanks for any help.


Jul 27, 2018
I worked in a pharmacy and made capsules all the time. I don't really know how one can make capsules of azide realistically as the stuff is extremely poisonous and even breathing in 10mg can cause you to get extreme headaches. A little bit of it is always spilled when transferring it into every capsule. Even opening the bottle can be dangerous as it is really a very potent poison
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