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Too p*ssy to end it, too suicidal to leave
Aug 17, 2018
I used to be one of the kindest and most honest people I know (I still am I suppose maybe even more so). But after I saw life though antinatalist glasses, everything I thought was good turned bad. There is no honest way to make a living in current society. I can't go out to just pick fruit and build myself a cabin to live like a recluse. Everything is owned, everything is controlled. One can make money by force (work for the gov) or by manipulation (everything else).
I am thinking about becoming a conman. I even have a strategy in mind for targeting only people who somehow deserve it (think blackmailing stuff). The only people I care about in this world are children and suicidals. The first category is innocent, the second one is awake (at least some of them are). Everything else is trash.
A conman in a world of frauds seems to me the only close-to-honest thing a man can be.
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Aug 25, 2018
They're your morals, you can bend them as you see fit, but I do think perhaps some of your cynicism may be misplaced.

If you can live with your actions... But then again, is your expectation from this site to condone you inflicting more misery on the public at large, or dealing with your more direct existential situation?
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