"I'm finally going home... to the stars"
Feb 23, 2022
Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. Well, like the title sugest, I'm thinking of hanging myself, actually, this is my second option, but it seems the most accesible and "easy" one, so I'm trying to make the whole plan in case I have no other choices. I haven't bought the rope yet, i'm extremely sick right now, with no energy or motivation, i'll try to go to the doctor bc i don't want to end myself in this state. Anyways, i was curious about where will be a good place to hang yourself... i was thinking a tree, but most of the places with them are private land so i don't think i can go there. My apartment has nothing that can really hold my weight, so i don't know what to do...? any recomendation will help! thank you!


Mar 21, 2019
There is an over-the-door device for doing elastic band stretching. It can connect to more than elastic bands. Just put it over the door, close door and go...


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