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Jul 16, 2018
Could you be a contestant on the big brother show if you weren't in a such a state mentally or physically?

I suppose if I had more to live for, I would. Though these days it's hard to get away from tech...I'd have withdrawal symptoms haha.

And I'm not even a tech nerd or a popular guy.


I loved watching the novelty of it back in the 2000s (just before the smartphone craze).
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Apr 27, 2018
It all kind of passed me by ...

I am so paranoid i don't really need to be on actual TV .

Over exposed in my own mind as it is .

Always felt bad for some of the folks on those other shows ..

Island Survivor (?) " Jennifer -you are banished from the island "
" Steven .... your fire is OUT ........ (sniff)"

We are kind of on a real world virtual version of it here in a way ?

To think of this place in those terms creeps me out , so I wont , even though I have .
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