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I'll See You Guys On The Other Side Of The Rainbow
Aug 26, 2018

Last night: It's been a long day and I hadn't eaten anything all day, so I decided to get something to snack on. Got some food and started munching on it and enjoying myself. Suddenly, while I was chewing with all my might to get all the food thoroughly mushed up so that I could swallow it, my tongue got in between my teeth while it was still at work and I bit my tongue! I swear I tasted something metallic that can only be assumed to be blood. I continued eating my food but at a slower pace, clearly not enjoying this eating process anymore due to the pain. Finished eating, cleaned up, and went on with my day.

Today: My tongue is so very sore! When I try to eat, it hurts so very badly and I can only chew on the opposite side of the booboo but even then it's hard to avoid! I can't even put a bandaid on it to make it feel better. :(

Maybe a kiss will help soothe the pain a bit and make it feel slightly less painful... :happy:

But seriously. It really hurts!


Sep 2, 2018
Liquid diet for you tonight Miss! Lost's veggie protein smoothie :P In all seriousness I loathe doing that.. and biting my cheek, or lip... ugh.. its right up there with breaking a fingernail to the quick and having to rip it off..
Angst Filled Fuck Up

Angst Filled Fuck Up

Super duper enlightened
Sep 9, 2018
That's the worst. I always assume it's because I'm eating too fast. I give myself a slap on the wrist afterwards, like "Angst, don't be such a fucking hog." Although I am sure it happens to a lot of non-hogs too.