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I've made up my mind.
Sep 23, 2018
I will miss my pets. There's something about my dogs. I love them to death, I don't think I could ever live without my furry little companions. I think we love dogs and cats so much because they don't speak, they follow basic principles and can be very transparent for the most part. Simple things in life make them happy and I think there's something to take away from that.

As humans, we worry way too much. It's almost as if we fucked ourselves over. We let big corporations dictate how many hours we should work, how much we should earn and the amount of effort we should put in for absolutely nothing. It is a constant loop, we let others dictate how we should live our lives and I'm sick of it. There is this 'traditional' way to go about life and so many others follow it. It makes me wonder if anything decent will come out of my own life. I don't have the skills or talent to work without any qualifications, though I don't know if I'm prepared to sit through years of extra education and worry about the student loans I'll have to pay off and the shitty living situation I'll be forced to put up with.

I honestly think the 'system' is set up so that we are forced to make these decisions when we are relatively young, so that we are pressured into believing that there is only one way to go about life and be successful. Though we know that is not the case, many individual geniuses have come and gone through out human history. People who were not so great academically and ended up creating a positive impact on the world. I know that makes me sound a little stupid. I'm not saying I'll be the next MLK or whatever, but I know for a fact that there are people in this world who have so much potential in areas that they didn't even realize existed, and instead opt for the classic 9 to 5 after getting their degree and what not.

It is upsetting, and only makes me more depressed. Usually, I am not one for wishful thinking, in fact those that know me know I can be quite the cynical bastard. But it is just living evidence that shows how the general mass follow and accept whatever bullshit is fed to them. There is a reason as to why I never use social media, and only have an instagram account that I had created when I were 11. Everyone wants to fit in, everyone wants to follow what's trendy. You think I care about the post you had made on the 4th December, 2016? Where you took a picture of yourself staring aimlessly into your iphone 8's camera with some forgetful caption? No one cares, they might comment or like it. But then you are forgotten.

By no means am I trying to say that I am better than these people, in fact I often find myself trying to follow what is considered 'normal' so that I can fit in. But narcissism is so engrained into society through social media and the internet that we have normalized it. Self-centered people are everywhere! We let that happen. Mothers have kids, to then give them access to the internet and a tablet a few years down the line! It is crazy. You might say that I am afraid of technology, that I should be progressive and be happy that the internet provides so much support in terms of knowledge, etc. I am not afraid of technology, I am afraid of how some people are using it.