Beyond solace
Jun 30, 2018
Anyone else experience these? I often get these while driving at night .. the idea i could slam into a concrete structure at way over highway speeds. Yet i am too gutless to do it. It would also bring alot of problems to family (the thing you slam into needs to payed for etc. Recovery of the wreck, road closure,emergency services .. the bill would be enormous)

But anyway the 'Call of the void' (or 'l'appel du vide') i assume everyone here get's this feeling alot more than "normal" people.

Experiences? Anyone ever given in to one of these but failed?


Jul 29, 2018
I don't know if this qualifies with what you mentioned but there are times when I'm on a high place I think of jumping.

There are times before when I'm still studying and depressed, I crossed the street without even looking, a cab almost hit me.

I am still depressed these days but it's severe compared before when I was still studying.