Jul 7, 2018
My plan is to prepare N the day before in a generic 500ml plastic bottle of water or gatorade or something and dispose of the original bottles far from my home in a trashcan where no one could ever find them. I would hide antiemetics outside of their packaging which also would dispose along the N bottles.

Then at the chosen moment i.e. when going to sleep I would swallow N and throw away plastic bottle from the window of my room, pratically in the street. Thing should pass quite unobserved and it's no rare to see empty bottles left by ineducated people.

I wouldn't really want to let my parents know that I took my own life. I wonder if dying in the sleep can be taken as an heart failure or something, given I already had suspect heart condition two years ago but never indagated further.

I wonder if after many hours N smell will be vanished. I also plan after ingesting N to eat 3 -4 liquor filled pralines both for atttenuate N taste and maybe for the purpose of above.

Please give me help in this regard.
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Le mort joyeux
Jul 11, 2018
I've been thinking of doing something similar but I believe if there's an autopsy there is no way the N will go undetected
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