Aug 18, 2020
I am talking a lot in this forum about poltics but also about covid. I think it is just normal that people disagree on these issues. Though I feel respected by many despite we have different opinions. This is not self-evident.

Discussions about politics can become pretty toxic. I try not to become too preachy about my views. I can accept that people disagree with me. We don't need to find a compromise. We can agree to disagree.

My dad has qute diametrical political view on poltics. But I think I get so annoyed by it because his arguments are just pretty ignorant. I think you can be conservative or economically liberal wiithout being a jerk. But he just is one.

I don't cancel friends for having opposite political views. But sometimes it can challenge your friendship. When I was a teenager I was quite conservative. I debated my best friends a lefty a lot. Now we agree on more topics. But I still like debates on topics we disagree. One has to be respectful. I think my main reason to become a lefty was: I understood how vulnerable I am. I realized how people can be economically or societal fucked without being responsible for it. I looked away from stories like that when I was a teenager. Though one could say I am pretty hyporcritical because I had to become a mental wreck in order to realize that.

Maybe I am purely selfish. Maybe because way my parents raised me exactly in this way. I think I am quite selfish when I think of the society. Because I know so many strangers who treated me like complete trash. So many people bullied or mocked me. I cannot really feel empathy for this whole crowd. I am rather empathetic when I learn about the fate of an individual.

Lol. I realized this is quite off-topic. I think politics can destroy friendships and partnerships. I also distanced me from some people because they annoyed me. But politics was not the main issue. It was a little bit of a contributing factor I don't deny that. But the personality is way more important. Someone I have a sometimes contact with is very far right. He is in favor of eugenics and other crazy ideas. My other friends often told me they cannot understand why I still have contact to him. He has a similar story like me. Also child abuse by his parents. He lives in poverty but he does not care. I wanted to learn this skill from him. But I think for me this is no option.

Has politics or covid destroyed one of your relationships?
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