Jul 22, 2018
I can’t get a shotgun, rifle, or pistol. I’ve looked into muzzle loaders. I know what ammo and angle to use, but I’m wondering if muzzleloaders will actually work. I’ve heard back in the day, before modern guns, when people got shot with muzzleloaders, they were more likely to die from an infection than getting shot. I’ll make sure I hit the brain stem. I just want to make sure that it’s worth buying a muzzleloader and it will get the job done.
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Aug 30, 2018
Absolutely. The hardest part is to make sure you follow the instructions and set up the projectile (bullet) with the gun itself properly. In the guns/firearms megathread, there is actually a video about muzzlerloaders (see near the end of the post).

@Xali1970 is right here, and also given the size of the projectile, it is indeed lethal.