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Jul 13, 2018
Hi all
With hanging, im using a belt wedged through the top of the door, then doing a "partial"? Its easily strong enough to hold my bodyweight and I can just touch the ground with my toes.
Anyway, I keep reading about folks fainting within seconds but all I seem to get is eye bulging pressure no sign of fainting.

The closest I think I got to fainting was when I threaded the belt just above the upper hinge and leaned my head forward, when I collapsed to the ground I had like an odd euphoria rush and crazy heart racing but thats been it.

Any tips?


Mar 31, 2018
The only tip I have for you is to use a rope instead of a belt.


He killed himself with his own mind
Jul 2, 2018
I'm gonna go by partial hanging, from what I understand, you need to block to carotid artery. I have a 10mm hemp rope, practiced myself but got the same result. What I'm gonna do is like it with cotton, so it's not as rough, (feels like the roughest sandpaper ever) the I'm gonna fold up some material, and place in where I think the carotid is on both side. So there is more pressure on the 2 bits of material rather than evenly distributed round my windpipe etc. Partial will be better for this as you can adjust as needed, then when you feel you got the material on the carotid then you can finally relax and let go. With full suspension your only gonna get one chance.