Oct 30, 2021
I am based in the UK and it is quite difficult getting access to equipment needed to CTB peacefully. The most promising method I was looking at was carbon monoxide poisoning by burning charcoal. Are there many examples of this method working in a car, most of the cases I have researched have taken place in a tent? A car would suit my needs better so I can drive in a very isolated area so as not to affect anyone else.


Nov 16, 2021
It’s one of my preferred methods too. Seems the most peaceful all you need is the charcoal and somewhere to put it (ie your car) and once it’s grey and moved to a bucket/grill just drift off


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Nov 20, 2021
I was also looking into this method but I don’t want it to go wrong and end up with brain damage. From what I have read basically all you need is a charcoal chimney starter to get the coals burning evenly until they stop smoking and are white/grey in colour. Then you place the smouldering coals in a steel bucket and then bring them into a car, and place the bucket on a metal tray. However, if this was to be done in a confined space such as a tent I am a bit more confused. Because a lot of tents are not completely air tight as they have an air hole at the top. If I was to do this method in a tent would this matter? As you hear of plenty of cases where people have died accidentally after bringing a disposable BBQ into there tent to keep warm.


Oct 23, 2021
I also know many cases, where these attempts failed. I have described the reasons in the Mega Thread. The consequences are brain damage and amputations. This method is even more unpredictable than a gun shot.

It's a 50:50 chance, that you will end up like this women.

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