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Should I get Cats???

  • Sure, they will help u and improve your life. Go for it!

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • No dude you´r too fucked up in your brain, they will suffer under your psychoshit

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • I don't know...

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  • I don't care...

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  • I hope u die...

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Aug 17, 2018
Question to all the Cat owners:

Did your Cat help u with your Depression?

I was thinking about this from time to time and right now too.
I like Cats. They are smart, cute and funny. And somehow I would love to have one.
But I´m scared that it would suffer because of my Depri-Phases. I am scared that I will feel like shit if I just couldn't give it the love it needs/wants. Or if it will hate me. Im scared that it will burden me because it needs food and ... and when everything is like lead and I just can't take care of it???

I Live alone and I do work 40hrs/week. So I have heard that It is even better to get 2 cats.
So that they are not lonely.

Would u say, that I should give it a try?
I want to do right now everything that could improve my life. Im really lonely ... I just can't find friends in real life. Im working on it, but it will last years!

Have u ever thought of getting a Cat?
What kept u from it?


Aug 3, 2018
Can you afford vet bills?
Have you got a garden to let it out?
What if it goes out and never comes back/gets run over?
Will it kill birds and crap in the neighbours rose beds?
If so will that be an issue?

So many things to consider when getting a cat or dog.
A couple of gerbils are more fun, cheaper and can be left no problem while you're at work.


Apr 10, 2018
Remember this: If you're getting a cat you are also getting a new family member.

The cat will become your responsibility. You have to always love it and provide for it!

You shouldn't get a cat if you're planning to kill yourself!

A cat is not a thing that you can get and discard whenever you feels like it. It's not a thing like a book or a car. It's a living life with a beating heart.

Only get a cat if you love it and can always look after and provide for it. If you're in doubt then don't do it!