Dec 25, 2020
5(?)/10. Not sure how to give 'exhausted' a rating :ahhha:

Had three follow-up visits to the hospital this week and I'm beat. From the lab test results I learned that I am not yet out of the water—although at lower levels than before, protein in urine is a sign that my kidneys are still inflamed. The road to recovery will be long, and it will most likely not be an easy one.

For my next appointment, I will be seeing a social services worker next Wednesday to try to get coverage for one of my prescription drugs—Myfortic, a rather expensive immunosuppressant—which, for some reason, is not under the list of subsidised drugs here.


lost in limbo...
Jul 5, 2021
Feelings have been flat and difficult to decipher lately I'm not happy but I'm not feeling particularly depressed either, I really don't know how I feel so 4 seems appropriate.


One more attempt on life.
Feb 18, 2019
Today I'm on a 6
I'm on recovery and feel good thanks to TRT.
Life has situation and challenges that I have not been handling successfully.

In my work I had to get mad and talk loud so my team leader pays attention, after that they understood there was a mistake and fixed it. But they told me I had not needed to get mad, but its been 7 days I've been struggling with that. They say I should have talked, I did during 7 days... But perhaps handling better is needed.

And life, the woman, finding and deciding on a partner is not easy.

I need to believe I can provide for myself a good life. <= This is something urgent!!
I need to believe I can, I'm not longer depressed, I have to believe I can make it


Nov 22, 2018
2.5, and dropping. I’ve been so numb all week. I’ve been dissociating as hard as I can from the pain of reality. But I’ve no choice but to deal with some things today & tomorrow. Not pleasant things


seeking artsyness partners.
Nov 8, 2018
It was 5, maybe 6 for most of the day, kinda neutral, and then a seizure hit.
I cannot explain how bad a seizure feels, I tried for 18 years now. No dice.
So do other epileptics, funnily enough - they're just at loss for words, so neuros can't understand us. Not truly.


Feb 17, 2022
6 I feel very detached from the world. The loneliness is really painful. But I feel there’s nothing else I can do. It feels like a slow torture to be stuck at my house, but takes too much energy to go and see anyone.