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    In light of recent events, all community members in the US should reach out to their representative in regards to the Stop Online Suicide Assistance Forums Act that has been introduced in congress. This bill, if passed, could criminalize this community and hold it liable for simply hosting information.

    You should be able to locate and contact your represenative by going to this website. You can also contact Lori Trahan, the one spearheading this bill by calling her office at (202) 225-3411 or by leaving a message on the contact form on her site.

    One of the best ways to combat this is to make your voice heard. We're not political activists, but we made this notice to let you know that you do have a voice and that you do have representives that represent you in congress.


Jun 29, 2018
My physical health problems have led to really bad chronic fatigue and severe depression. I can barely function. At this point I don't believe that anything will work and I will have to die whether I like it or not. A lot worse happens to other people in this life as they die tragic deaths. What happened to me has also happened to a lot of other people I'm sure, but I just can't live this way. I refuse and will have to find a way out. I am going to order the Sn and antiemetics and have them there knowing that if everything goes completely off the rails, then I won't end up on the street or worse. I am really tired of this life. I did my best to make it work, but I was dealt a really bad hand. It could have ended up great as in the case of my brother but genetics decided to pin severe mental illness on me which I battled to the point where I have been left completely broken. I feel like a burden and would do anything to get my health and life back, but that's not the way life works sometimes. I just have to accept it and move on. Anyone else is in a similar situation?


Mar 23, 2018
I feel like I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but never diagnosed, also depression … not treated.
No treatment is going to fix the shittyness of life. :(