Aug 18, 2020
I have heard crazy lawyer stories. There are some Neo-Nazi cases in my country. I watched a documentary on a famous case. There was a team of lawyers who had the responsiblity to defend these neo-nazis. I think the Nazis were also accused to have murdered people. These lawyers acted like it is the exercise of lawyers to defend any people, no matter what they are accused of. They acted like it is a huge honor to be a lawyer it is an important work for the society.
They felt a huge responsibilty to do their job properly. The story was insane. The neo-nazis were assholes clients. (who would have thought that...)
They lied to them, were not reliable and acted against the strategy of the lawyers. The lawyers suffered so much. But for them their honor was more important. I think they suffered financially a lot, they had huge private problems due to the case (I think someone lost his or her partner due to that.)

Yeah I would never do that. I would never feel that honor having to defend disgusting criminals. Yeah I know it is important work for our society. But I despise these people way too much. Sometimes or often (I am nor sure) lawyers have to defend clients despite the fact they know the person is guilty.
I would feel very bad. Just imagine to fight for a verdict of not guilty for a rapist. Yeah fuck that. I would have a guilty conscience for the rest of my life.


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Oct 12, 2020
At the end of the day, lawyers from both sides and the judge all go out for drinks and talk shit about the people they represent. It's all a job and you can do it with enough experience and exposure.


Apr 27, 2022
I like the topics you post lol. I could never be a lawyer because I don't speak very well. Anxiety = stammering, trailing off at the end of statements, etc. I also don't like arguing.

I hear what you're saying and, personally, I wouldn't be able to do the job of a defense attorney, especially for someone who had been accused of a terrible crime.

I do think defense attorneys are important though. I watched How to Fix a Drug Scandal on Netflix and found one of the defense attorneys in it really compelling. He was really proud of having defended the rights of an innocent man who was convicted of drug trafficking based on faulty BS evidence from one of the lab agents who was falsifying drug lab test results to meet unreasonable quotas. I think that defending the rights to a fair trial and all that is really important because we can't give people their time back or their lives back if we get things wrong. So even if they're a Nazi POS, due process still applies. Just couldn't be me up there defending them lol.
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May 23, 2021
Defense attorneys are heroes.

I don't think I could do criminal defense work, or go through law school, but parts of my mind/personality would be well suited to practicing law. I think I would be good at some of the technical aspects. Less so the social ones, I am too emotional and afraid of confrontation and such
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Mar 11, 2022
Well, for one thing, how the Law itself works depends a lot on the country we live in. Then within Law there are countless practicable areas.
The example you mentioned happens essentially in Criminal Law and that idea is transmitted mainly by the United States.
I understand what you mean but everyone is innocent until proven guilty and even a guilty person has the right to be defended because there are always two sides. That is why the role of the judge is also very important.
But, like I said, the Law in the United States and the version that most of the series shows is very different from the Law in European countries, for example.
And there are many lawyers who work with other areas and do many different things.