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Nov 12, 2022
In the midst of my depressive episodes I often go through a daydream about living the life I believe I deserved, sometimes as a kid, sometimes as an adult functioning normally. Just wanted to share that, I feel ridiculous afterwards, and maybe that's not fair.


Aug 20, 2020
I feel the same. I have the feeling, I am only waiting till my real life starts. The life I am dreaming of. I feel like my real life is another and actually I have only a short break from this real life. But this is not true... I cant explain it better, sorry, english ist not my first language.
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Mar 26, 2020
Daydreaming can be a little like drug use. In the short term it can help one cope. In the long term it can open some unhealthy doors. Focusing on what could have been can lead to the neglect of this life and compound future problems. It can also fuel resentment and bitterness. Be careful.