Jul 26, 2022
So there's this punk rock band called Rise Against you've probably heard of. They have this song Tragedy + Time which is essentially about suicide. It is fundamentally hopeful but doesn't downplay the suffering. The title of this post is one of my favorite lines from the song.

It begins with:

On the edges of the sharpest knives
In the middle of the darkest nights
Always knew that I would find you here
In a puddle of the bravest tears
I've seen enough to know it's lonely where you are
Above the crowd, feet dangling from a rooftop
She waits from ledges for a voice to talk her down
And nothing matters but the pain when you're alone
The never-ending nights when you're awake
When you're praying that tomorrow it's ok

It makes me cry almost every time I listen.


May 23, 2022
love that song and that band. my favorite song from them is survive, it was one of my favs when i still had hope.
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