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Dec 2, 2021
If you recovered and for some reason still here,
please share with us why you originally wanted to die and how you recovered.

If you didn’t recover,but saw posts like this fresh one , then share a link please.


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Aug 28, 2022
I've partially recovered for the moment, the suicidal thoughts have gone anyway. I rekindled an old interest in music and the rave scene, and decided to try to go to a rave again and organise my first club night. It's all very exciting for me. I wanted to CTB because I found little joy in things for 20 years or so. I'm on a lot of medication, I guess it could finally be doing something, idk


Jun 16, 2020
By taking medication. I don't think I would describe it as a total recovery though. I'd say 60-80% of my depression has vanished. My OCD is a bigger problem at this point. I'd say my OCD has lessened in intensity by half, maybe more. I also have anxiety, which I'm taking nothing for and may be a manifestation of the OCD.

I also quit drinking alcohol. This is a double edged sword: it has helped with my depression, etc. but I lead a boring existence now.

I'm also in the process of losing weight. I'm hoping I'll get a greater hit from the anti-depressants as a result. It worked when I had a relapse with alcohol. I drank as heavily as I did when heavier and I got drunker than I'd been in ages.
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Nov 7, 2022
I'd say I'm fully recovered from the eating disorder I had as a teenager. I managed to do this by moving out of my parents' house, once I had the chance to live in a safe and stable environment I no longer had the desire to starve myself or throw up as much. Plus I also had counseling on what a healthy diet was, which was extremely helpful, because I had had a very distorted view on what normal eating habits were during my eating disorder.

With other mental health issues (that probably don't fit any specific diagnosis) I'm partially recovered. What helped me was to force myself to be more outgoing and do stuff I wouldn't have done before like going out on my own and try to make contact with strangers, chat with people on the internet and sometimes meet them in person. This allowed me to have more friends and also to become more confident.
What also helped me was to travel/ live abroad as it forced me to adapt to new situations and thus helped me to be less rigid about certain things. It also gave me a chance to try out being a different person that wasn't defined by the expectations of the people around me who had always known me as a certain person. It eventually also caused me to move away quite far from the place I was born, because I realized that there were other communities where I fitted in much more than in the community I was born into.
Most important for me were probably good experiences with other people. By having good experiences with friends, a loving partner and complete strangers I eventually learned to put more trust in people and not consider all humans as evil. Plus time also helped in my case, as most of my problems stem from growing up with mentally unstable and abusive parents and the older I get the more time I had to make different experiences in a world where I can actually make my own decisions.


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Jun 27, 2022
If you recovered and for some reason still here,
please share with us why you originally wanted to die and how you recovered.

If you didn’t recover,but saw posts like this fresh one , then share a link please.
I did! A while back in 2021, 9 months of productivity, conscious living, effort and developing good habits. Figuring out my addiction, moving more, journaling. But had a mental breakdown in March 2022 sooo yeah. Not recovered anymore. It's constant work. Never easy, ever.