May 14, 2022
Yep. My life has been a disaster and will only keep getting worse. It will never get better.

I don't even blame anyone in my life anymore. If I could say anything last, it'd be that this is no one's fault. It's just a tragic result of a series of unfortunate events and a little bit of poor decision making on my part.

In many ways, I feel like the world is doomed and so are we. I wish I could hang along in the background as an observer and see the fate of humanity, but I guess death is part of life.


Please free me from hell.
Jul 5, 2020
We can still change the course of things if enough people get involved now. It won't be easy though.
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She dreams of eternal sleep
Sep 24, 2020
I know that there are many horrible things ahead for me at least. We do live in a world where there is so much suffering after all, and there is so much that can potentially go wrong in life, so it would not be surprising if most people thought that bad things will happen in the future. I just want to be free from this awful world. Existing is so pointless, but at the same time painful.

Fish Face

Apr 19, 2019
☠️ Something bad is also called NWO New World Order with the world government WHO, WEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. ☠️
No, it is thay capitalism was allowed to go mad and we are now serving money instead of money serving us in order to let the rich get richer. Bill Gates, WHO etc are not trying to harm anybody.
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There is something special about deciding when
Jan 15, 2022
Oh for sure, for sure. My family is reaaaally tired of my doomer rants, but they'll only stop when I'm dead. Something much worse than the fakedemic is in the cards! Expect the worst and prepare accordingly! If you have anything to survive for, that is. I mostly don't.
No, it is thay capitalism was allowed to go mad and we are now serving money instead of money serving us in order to let the rich get richer. Bill Gates, WHO etc are not trying to harm anybody.
They don't see it as harming as much as just managing the masses by lowering their numbers, making them infertile and infringing on their bodily autonomy and personal life. They definitely see themselves as reasonable and the rightful deciders of humanity's fate. Something compels them to control more and more aspects of what people think and do, and not only that but bizarrely they mostly want to achieve this with pseudoscience (lies), simulated realities (more lies) and addictive technology. We are living in a Philip K. Dick novel.
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Unhappy people are unhappy in their own ways.
Jun 3, 2022
Yes, the big guys are fighting each other but the common people are those who really suffer. The playbook seems to be food and fuel shortages, inflation, cutting trade and creating all sorts of crisis to provoke the other side to start an all out war. Very bad time ahead.
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in a dark place
Nov 26, 2020
I've felt that way for so long. So far I've been proven right. I regret nothing as a matter of fact I think I possibly chose the best of possible worlds.
Feeding Pigeons

Feeding Pigeons

Aug 5, 2021
I've felt like we were on the verge of disaster for many years, and then I realized it will happen in slow motion. If you boil the frog too fast, it'll jump out of the water.
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Du bist auf dich allein gestellt
May 26, 2022
I'm not worried of bad things happening, but rather of things not changing. I've been on a steady mental decline since 2021 and can only see that things are slowly getting worse to the point that my general quality of life and the ability to function in the society is getting impaired.


Nov 30, 2020
I feel like that most of the time. I'm doing rather well now but I have the statistics against me, and I just can't count on the world to do the right concerning the social issues affecting my life. So, I just usually pretend that's not the case, it's not about me being naive but just a strategic emotional response. It usually works lol