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May 4, 2018
Have compassion for my opinion please.
I totally understand that the mountain is too high if you have been living your life a certain way for a long time.

Here are some of my definitely unique thoughts:
Is psychiatry's spreading ideas causing people to feel helpless?
Self help books.
Two very different ideas.
One says you need to change things in your life for your life to change.
One says you need to put harmful drugs in your body and that the main factors are not up to you.
Huge difference.
Yes I'm writing is a weird way I know.
I am now writing to say you shouldn't kill yourself.
I am not saying you should be unable to end it if you don't want to make the changes.
I am saying listen now and hate later.
Have compassion for me.
You are lucky I used to base a large part of my personality on not caring what others think (to a point).
Why else would I stick my hand in the furnace so to speak.
I know everyone will say they remind me of trolls who are not understanding.
I AM understanding.
If you don't feel like doing the things I suggest or other suggest, go ahead and delete your save.
Turn the lights out.
Seal the bag.
I would like right to die laws.
I would like to never have to smell asparagus again.
Same page?
I support your will to die.
We're fellow brothers, so make a blank page in your head, internalize my words, and then annotate them like you are not sure what side of the argument you will be assigned.
Defend, your opinions and mine.
Maybe I saw great results in my own life with what I suggest.
Maybe I have internalized a lot of information and seen that some things are common themes.
That is my reaction to opposition.
Don't hate on my optimism for all of you.
Yea I could say this is a more passive way.
I want to say it like this.
Not I'm not an authority but please give me a chance, I'm sorry if you're offended.
If I was talking to you in real life, if would be a different situation.
I convinced two guys who swore there was no chance 9/11 was anything other than Saudi hijackers, that there was a chance there was something fishy about it.
Me talking to you through the lines is not the same.
Here the angle.
People react to their surroundings.
Every time someone says they are depressed.
They are wrong.
They are reacting to their surroundings
No, I agree they are sad.
Sad because of their surroundings though.
Correct the diet, exercise, interactions, positivity of their thinking.
You are solved in most cases.
Fasting, running ten miles a day and eating lots of red meat and veggies is great.
Well I am part of the non-most cases.
Alright, that's a damning choice to make.
Check out "Goggins JRE".
I am not writing to say do not kill yourself.
I am writing to say I have some ideas that I think can help people who are sad.
Depression is not a disease, but just people reacting to their surroundings in my opinion.
There is no evidence that points towards that being false.
Anti-depressants cannot beat changing how you live your life on a scientific level.
Have compassion for my opinion please.
I totally understand that the mountain is too high if you have been living your life a certain way for a long time.
If you have been suffering and cannot fathom your life being good, I get it, I respect your choice and may your soul rest at peace.
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