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Jun 1, 2022
Humans don't want to be free. Least most of them. They want to be ordered around, have a strong man leader.
Most humans are like cattle, they can't have their opinions reasoned with or appealed to with facts. they have to be somehow tricked or mislead.
This worked fine when the leaders had the people's interest at heart, so being tricked to have their best interests is not per say a bad thing.

But in the last 50 years we have had extremely nefarious leaders with terrible intent, the result of this is an extremely toxic society where nobody feels like they belong really.
Maybe cattle is harsh, sheep being herded is probably a better example.


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Jan 15, 2022
freedom is overrated
Freedom from what, freedom for what? These are the questions we ought to make.

People only want to feel secure and satisfied. Some degree of freedom is normally part of that, but it can also not be. The current challenge of the elite is to keep extracting resources and rights from the masses while waving the progressive flag as furiously as possible. They need to make people satisfied with having no autonomy and no impact on how the world is run, which implies making sure they think they do superficially, but deep down don´t care. Demoralize us, soft kill us, shape our culture so that thinking by yourself is a source of shame. It´s not impossible, they just need to make sure the cattle doesn´t get too uncomfortable and keep applauding from their balconies. Humans can be domesticated further with each generation.
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