I want to end it

Apr 29, 2018
It's something I noticed on this forum. I get a lot more likes on my posts than other forums and other sites where you can give likes. Maybe it is the nature of the forum itself, maybe people on this forum are a lot nicer than the average population. I'm not sure. It is one of the many good aspects of this forum. Does anyone else experience this or is it just me?


Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
I don't talk in other forums. This is the only community that doesn't me wanting to kill somebody.

And only sometimes.
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Apr 7, 2018
Enh, I don't know. As the others here have already said, this is essentially the only forum I've ever gotten really "stuck into", as it were. As far as reddit is concerned, aside from lurking a couple subs, it holds no value to me whatsoever. Never was a big fan of the whole "like" system, to be honest. I'd rather it weren't a feature here, but whatever. Maybe that's just me.
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