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Apr 27, 2018
That is a very potent question .

Lots of different answers depending on your perspective .

Culture , family , conditioning , politics , religion , wealth ... genes ?

The boundaries are fuzzy and stretch from birth to the present.

Sure , we all have responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings TODAY , but how did we develop those ?

what were we mirroring ?

Why did we develop suicidal ideation ?

Why was that such a great idea ?

My harshest judgement on myself is that as a young person in my teens I felt so disempowered , bullied and oppressed that ( on reflection ) eliminating myself was the only thing that I felt I had power over , because everything else was so 'polluted ' with the disagreeable cultural garbage I was filled to the brim with . It was all so toxic I just wanted it all to end .

Participating in the world felt dirty and evil.

I've been trying to figure out why I drew those conclusions for ages .

Intellectually I'm getting a grip , but emotionally I'm still circling that little black hole I formed way back then .


Oct 3, 2018
It’s a mismatch between my psychological makeup and the kind of world we live in. Not anybody’s fault, though. And we have to take full responsibility for our choice.


Invisible Spirit
Sep 26, 2018
When I was younger, I would’ve blamed at least half of it on other people (abusive relationships, etc.). Later, I put more blame on my mental illness, and questioned why I was born with such a disadvantage. Now, I mostly blame myself and my inability to have made enough good decisions to create a life worth living.


Don't shoot the messenger, give me the gun
Sep 25, 2018
I'm angry at my parents and I 'm angry at the mental health services that they didn't help. No one did. It was down to me and me alone and I didn't do anything so yes it is my fault and I find it hard to live with myself
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Sack of Meat
Sep 3, 2018
It is not my fault I was born this way, in this world, in this reality, etc. But it is also not the fault of anyone else.

Eloquently put. I do subscribe to the idea there, and that was mostly because not feeling the blame felt good, but there is a lot more that happened after my birth that can majorly be attributed to me in an aggregative sense. And I do accept responsibility (again, in the aggregative sense) for that.
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Oct 11, 2018
I'm certain there's a genetic component (family history of mental illness). Furthermore, if my life had gone differently, I likely wouldn't be like this. That said, suicide is an action, and the person who undertakes it is responsible. .


i wish i'd melt with the snow
Oct 19, 2018
it is my fault if i am like this? my parents? maybe society? i don't know, a mix of all of them probably, even if i don't blame anyone in particular but myself.
i like to think that everyone is made to be alive but not everyone is made to live in the world / society as it is now.
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