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Sep 16, 2018
If you would like to talk to people on here and perhaps even make a friend, then post here.

I noticed there's so many members on here who are isolated and DO want to communicate with people.

Thing is you don't know who wants to talk, who doesn't, who is ctb right now and who isn't.

Post here your likes, dislikes or preference of who you would like to talk to (e.g. if age or gender matters) and let's see if we can make some connections.


Nothing is true, everything is permitted
Sep 6, 2018
Im always down to talk..
I love to talk about cats, woman, videogames and reading and offcourse a lot more.
I hate children, spiders, my life and the word ointment..
You can PM me anytime or add me on Whatsapp if you find that easier ( just ask my number in pm lol) I dont care how old you are or anything just know that im from Europe and could have a different timezone
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Sack of Meat
Sep 3, 2018
I'm up for this too.

Likes - Movies (all sorts), electronic music, video games (mostly stuff confined to the PC), philosophy, computing technology, and pretty much anything else.

Dislikes - Verbal abuse (seems incredibly unlikely here).

You can message me at any time, I'll usually respond quite fast. Different time zones aren't really an issue, since I sleep and wake up at random times. However, I'm not exactly good at thinking and speaking coherently. You should have seen how many times I edited rewrote this sentence.


Death is the only God who comes when you call
Sep 25, 2018
I’ll talk to just about anyone but I’m a horrible conversationalist and sometimes feel like I rub people the wrong way unintentionally.

I have a wide spectrum of interests and likes from animals, motorcycles, video games, photography (any art really), music, history, philosophy, etc.

Dislikes? I dunno I can get along with almost anyone. Just don’t be rude or mean in any way I suppose.


Sep 24, 2018
I’m in my late forties so, ideally, someone in their 30s or 40s. Gender doesn’t matter.

Likes: music, culture, tons of stuff
Dislikes: not much!
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