Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
I have never noticed that the people around me were stupid, in fact I have always been the fool for others. That's why when I was told that I had above average intelligence the second thing that crossed my mind (the first was that they were wrong) was that I was surrounded by geniuses and that's why I didn't care never realized, it was logical and understandable if he put it that way.

But it's curious that even today I clearly perceive the people around me as 'superior' to me. I don't know why or if I should pay much attention to it.


Jo no he notat pas mai que la gent del meu voltant fos estúpida, de fet jo sempre he estat el babau per els demés. Per això quan em van dir que tenía una intel·ligéncia superior a la mitjana el segon que s'en va passar pel cap (el primer va ser que anaven errats) es que estava envoltat de genis i que per això no me n'havía adonat mai, era lógic i comprensible si ho plantejava així.

Però es curiós que fins i tot avuí día percebo clarament com a 'superiors' a mi la gent del meu voltant. No se per què o si hauría de fer-ne gaire cas.


Feb 19, 2019
I have the opposite problem. I am surrounded by really smart people with master and Phd, but they are the most selfish people ever. They only use their intellect to advance their goals and are willing to step on to others and stab others in the back. Everyday, it's like a jungle. I have to work very hard to protect myself and not get involve with their emotional and political games.