Apr 19, 2018
It's time. I don't want to fck it up. Can I add something to make this work, or do I use plan B?
I have about 25 mg of Xanax (100 or so pills). 500 mg Dramamine. Hard liquor (40%, but I could get 72%).
I can add Cataflam, OTC stuff (Hungary)...
I try to get opiates, but it's a long shot.
(I live next to a train station but would prefer to not traumatize the operators)
El Topo

El Topo

Apr 21, 2018
Your method has a very low chance of working. Only the Xanax and hard liquor are worth taking. But with only those 2 substances, you will need a huge amount of alcohol and Xanax.

If you can get opiates, you will have a much better chance.