Jun 28, 2018
I'm surprised by cannabis and paracetamol. I wonder how those drugs caused death, as unintended consequences of taking it?
It's easy to o.d on paracetomol by accident by just taking a few more a day than the 8x500mg limit.
I nearly did. I had gout and the pain was off the scale. I was taking about 20 a day and 15 ibuprofen. After a week my legs swelled up like one of those old ladies you see in doctors waiting rooms. I stopped the pills and was told the swelling was fluid retention caused by early stage heart failure. Another week and I'd have been a gonner.
I've since learnt most paracetomol deaths occur this way rather than taking a one off big dose like 100 pills. That's more likely to make you puke but taking extra daily won't.