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if i count to ten, will it all go away?
Sep 12, 2018
So, any drug users out there and how it came to it?
For me nearly two weeks ago my friend brought me some weed. I've been sceptical about drugs my whole life as I was concerned they have no effect on me. But with the stuff my friend brought my opinion has certainly changed. Not like I'm an addict now but we gather up at weekends with a bunch of familiars to smoke ourselves to death, which I view as a huge relieve. But those people around me have beeing having much heavier stuff like LSD, ketamine etc (it's stupid to put in one row but anyway).
Hell, I started to smoke BECAUSE I wanted to ensure if by a chance I could slip my head in a knot much easier under right dosage. But it seem to have different effect on me, like I'm pushing away suicide every day by simply wishing to get stoned and listen to music while hugging two buddies again and again. I HAVE to try something else before I turn into a life loving hippie, probably homeless.
And the question is, will it worth it? What could possibly await me? And should I try out psychodelics? Silly of me to ask for drug suggestions alas I can't do it anywhere but here.


“Dying is not a crime.” ― Jack Kevorkian
Oct 4, 2018
First of all, weed is legal in more and more places because it is less harmful and less addictive than alcohol or cigarettes. Also I am a scientist, not just some hippie making vapid claims. So there is nothing wrong with weed, as long as you are not stoned all the time. Everything in moderation.

Second, psychedelics are a different bag to weed. Weed makes everything more enjoyable, music, food, etc. whereas LSD for example, intensifies things. At low doses, say below two tabs, you will be unlikely to hallucinate. You will experience a kind of heightened perception and a feeling of being very awake, like drinking a strong coffee but without any jitteryness. But if you have a bad experience, that experience will be intensified. People who have been attacked or similar while on LSD have developed PTSD from it. But if you can setup an environment that is nice, you can have life changing insights into your own mind and your life on LSD. It can help a lot with depression. But yeah, you need to be safe. It also lasts 10-12 hours so it's quite a commitment.

Also, before taking anything, check out the website erowid to look for drug interactions if you are on medication. Thanks to that site I avoided taking LSD while taking lithium, which would have sent me into psychosis and coma.

Be safe, be informed, and send me a PM if you need any advice. Like I said I'm a scientist, background is in pharmacology and neuroscience, and I have taken quite a few drugs. Happy to help if I can.


Lonely af
May 25, 2018
Drugs are fun, I'm a benzo addict and user going on 6years nearly now. I've done every common drug multiple times.

LSD and Ketamine are lovely, as are all the others. Just be careful you don't get hooked on to anything, it's totally not worth it and you'll get a tolerance and thus diminishing returns. Weed is addictive too, I was once addicted to it; I can take it and control my usage now but there was once a time I couldn't.

Try some kratom out, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine etc... if you want to get really wild with psychedelics then try out DMT.

Alcohol is also a nice drug, thankfully because of my benzo use I can control my alcohol intake too just like I can with weed, otherwise I'd probs be an alcoholic instead of a benzo addict, both still suck for people who are addicted to them though.


Sep 19, 2018
Alcohol and Xanax are my drugs of choice. I got really addicted to Xanax in 2015-2016 then had to slowly taper off to 2 mils a day. I didn’t even know I was addicted until I ran out. The withdraws were terrifying. If it wasn’t for my uncle having a script I would have probably landed in the E.R.

As for alcohol abuse, I been at it pretty hard now for 4 years; since my divorce. Had problems with it before but sobered up right before I got married. I went from drinking once every 2 to 3 days to every 6 days. I still have a very high tolerance and it takes a lot to get me drunk nowadays. I always get 8 25oz of Natty Daddy’s due to their high alcohol content. I crave it everyday but know ill get worse if I drink as frequently as I use to. My anhedonia makes enjoying anything while sober impossible. I prefer the harder stuff like Vodka and Whisky but decided to give it up.

I tried weed several times but unfortunately it made me nervous instead of relaxed.