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Sep 19, 2018
Of course we got your typical pro-life republicans running but what about the democrats? Or the even more left of center“Justice Democrat’s”? You think they will vouch for us? Hell no!

The left of the left will harp on all day long about how abortion is a woman’s right (and I agree). But thay will never talk about the right to die. Not for the terminally ill and defiantly not for people like us who are mentally anguished.

Belgium, The Netherlands, and Switzerland has the universal right to die. Why not here. The right to die is one of the biggest civil rights emergencies in our nation currently (and in the world). It’s the denied right that causes the most suffering.

Yes I believe in same sex marriage and yes I believe in equal rights for women and minorities. Would most of them believe in our rights? We are pushed aside by everyone in our society. Deemed “unsound of mind”. For us, we have no representation. May as well be a stateless citizen.

“The red, white, and blue is not for you” says our opponents.
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