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Aug 21, 2018
So you probably know there are different funeral types.. religious... etc... then there's a humerous funeral, where they'll try to make light of your death. I'm considering it for mu loved ones. I know they'll be distraught as it is but I was thinking that this kind of funeral would make a terrible day that little bit easier. Anybody been to one?
Angst Filled Fuck Up

Angst Filled Fuck Up

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Sep 9, 2018
You mean those ones where it's like "wear your favorite band t-shirt instead of all black?" I mean, I can see the appeal, but I don't like the idea of people getting off too easily. :pfff:

All formal wear or I'll come sit at the end of your bed every night, lol.

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May 30, 2018
Hm, I don't know... How does humerous funeral look like? It sounds more painful than normal funeral to those who are left behind. I mean, I just killed myself, my family is in real pain, and now they are supposed to take funny jokes and acting like it didn't have any negative effect on them when they are grieving? Forced smiles when your soul is telling you want to cry. I don't know anything about arranged humorous funeral, but I can assume they are working when you were a loving, humorous person when you were alive, then people will maybe 'get it', but not when you killed yourself. Suicide comes unexpected, it's different than other deaths to those who are left behind, so...

Hm... But I don't know actually. Maybe it can work. I just don't know anything about humerous funeral. And it depends what kind of person you are in real life. And depends what kind of people are your closest family and friends. In my case, it wouldn't work. Maybe you can write a really warm, empathetic letter about life and death and say they could read it in funeral (not a suicide a note, just letter to create mood) , so people will feel more peace and you can actually direct the mood of the funeral a little:D.

I'm getting nowhere with my answer. I was just thinking out loud. :P Good thread. :)
Escargot Shorts

Escargot Shorts

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Sep 26, 2018
hell yea one time i attended a gathering in a funeral home where the body was across the street being placed into a cremation furnace. so while it was getting roasted into ash, we spent the next two and half hours just roasting the deceased, telling embarrassing stories or just throwing out insults, it was amazing and there were these really good tiny sandwiches.


Oct 3, 2018
I’ve never been to a funeral. I’ve successfully avoid the need to attend any by living 400 miles away from any family members. I wouldn’t like to have any kind of funeral, either, but whatever happens after my death is immaterial.


Sep 19, 2018
I’ve only been to one funeral. It was my grandpas back in 1995. Seemed like a pointless endeavor. I didn’t want to go but my family kept pressuring me. My dead grandpa was dressed up in a suit and tie and had so much makeup on that it made him look like an 80 year old PeeWee Herman. Then some preacher started blabbering nonsense. Then we had a huge funeral procession that blocked traffic for everyone else. Then they lowered his casket at our local cemetery. The post-funeral food was odd....mainly fruits and vegetables. That’s not comfort food! I just saw my dead grandpa I want pizza and ice cream!