Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
Oh... being born... how it's even possible I'm here. I mean, what are the chances? They are incredibly low, but still I'm here. There could be millions of spermatozoons (there was competence even before being truly alive) but I born instead of them. should be considered a gift right? We are considered lucky for many people only because we were able to exist.

Things are really different of how people think. Existence isn't a gift but a curse, and if you were unlucky enough for being cursed in such way, there is no other salvation than death.

Nonexistance was peaceful, absolutely nothing buy we are put here suddenly, forced to follow all their rules, no matter of how harmful they can be. People is ignorant enough for seeing this like a blessing forcing themselves to fake possitive attitude and never noticing how easily they could end their torment. The ones who wants to escape becomes the crazy ones for not accepting the cursed reality. The others just struggle for keeping this torture as if it was something positive, like if we should be glad of being conscious.

Existence is based in the ignorance and the bad wishes of others. A fight that was lost since the day we born, forced to find a meaning that keep us going, when the real solution is not going and making all stop.

Existence is suffering not only for us. The fact of I'm alivd means both animals and other humans will be harmed to mad limits. Calamities happened only for making the phone from I'm writting this. This city meant a huge change for every form of life who lived here before building all this houses, when all I can see was domain of nature. Probably horrible nature filled with more competence and predators, and all they were removed for making the next begin and repeating that cycle over and over again.

We can't do absolutely nothing for solve it. This is completely out of our hands. We aren't even owners of our own fate, we struggle for doing something that should be so easy as ending the existence, remove conciousness.

Existence is constant conflic between everything that exist, everyone who lives. Everything we made unavoidably ends harming others. The studies I had others couldn't had it, the job I will find will be stolen of the hands of other person. It's extremely unfair for humans and for others forms of life who, at the same time, suffer our own choices and more different forms of life.

As long as we exist, there won't be any solution, because life is problematic for everybody and has no solutions. Making everything dissapear it's the only true solution. Being born means suffering fir everybody, for you and for people alien to you.

Existence, in general, means chaos, when the rules can't save us, only harming and being against all us. No matter how much they like life in their infinite misunderstanding of reality, the void must be accepted and know there is nothing we never will be able to do.

Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
Life is suffering and the happiness they tell us about is just chemicals. There is nothing logical and its not a gift. And it will end anyway, years and decades of struggling then what? Nothing and even if the person wants to do something he wants with his life, he can't.

Also yea life is all about contradictions and competitiveness. You won't get peace regardless of what you are, be rich and everyone will envy you, be poor and you can't do anything