May 26, 2018
Here are some highlights:

I'm taking one, and will follow up. edit: First pill taken @ 12:13AM- empty stomach.

1:33AM- I'm not sure I feel anything, or if it's a placebo, or it being late in the night. I'm going to brake another tablet in half, and see where that lands me.

Intravenous is definitely superior, but I do feel sleepy, almost mild buzz, (like a 6 pack of tall boys)

What would the safe dosage be to really feel.

2:30- my heart rate has noticeably decreased, under 60bpm.

Drowsy, and a mild euphoric feeling that moves in waves.

Tomorrow I'm going to try two at once, but earlier in the day. I bet 500-600mg would be intense- unless thats past the safe threshold

Last night after the second tab kicked in, it pretty much knocked me out- good sleep aid, Not the feeling I was searching for. Well, I take that back, the last thing I remember was laying back "surfing waves" and a odd cerebral tingle.


6:19pm - 38mg, IV.

0:02 - A pleasant feeling of relaxation swept over the body and mind. Muscles relaxed, very much like a benzodiazepine, but with a very rapid onset.

0:04 - The relaxation developed further, a mild cerebral sedation is taking effect.

0:09 - No other novel effects present.

0:11 - 44mg, IV.

Immediate rush of relaxation, the eyes become ever so slightly hazy, mind becomes more foggy. This effect is reminiscent of heroin (IV), or at least the next closest thing in comparing all the substances he has experienced thus far. Mild inebriation, a care-free drunken like stupor has begun to develop. None of the stimulating properties of alcohol, much more characteristic of a powerful but short acting benzodiazepine, Aprazolam comes to mind first. No cognitive impairment, significant relaxation in both body and mind. Suddenly nothing is bothering him at all and all tense muscles have let go of the tension. Very pleasant body buzz.

0:16 - Eyes have re-focused fully, significant relaxation and some sedation taking effect. The same stimulating music is playing but it will be changed shortly. He yawns, he's sleepy. No longer purely a benzodiazepine effect, sedative effects are taking place.

0:19 - 6:38 - He yawns again, eyes become heavy, body feels sluggish. Mind is still aware, relatively focused.

0:22 - Warmth is noticed in the extremities, likely that body temperature has not been affected only a subjective experience. More awareness of the extremities. Relatively steady level, plateau reached. Primary sedation, secondary relaxation effects.

0:29 - No gross or fine motor skill impairment present. Sedation and relaxation of the soma and psyche are at plateau. Muscles have reached a significant level of relief from the tension developed that day. The mind is beginning to loose focus and continue easing up of all worries.

1:11 - No developments. HR 56 BPM (HRest approx 61), blood pressure seems to have dropped significantly. Pulse is about 50% of the strength when measures on jugular vein (subjective).

The subject fell asleep a few minuets later.

3:31 - Woke up again. As he lay down at 1:11 hrs the feeling of relaxation sank deeper and had no trouble falling asleep within 10 minutes. He quickly went from wide awake and energized to quite sleepy.

His sleep was very pleasant and he woke up feeling quite refreshed, even though the pentobarbital was still clearly exerting many effects. He still felt quite sedated and incredibly relaxed. This continued and slowly wore off during the course of the hour or two.


I have had one experience each with pentobarbitol and secobarbitol, and each came across as an odd mix of a benzodiazepine and...a hallucinogen almost. the pentobarbitol was laboratory grade and probably just threshhold range, but contained a nice sedation as well as a sort of cognitive musical component accompanied by euphoria-while walking around I was walking around, he was literally composing symphonies in his head with separate parts for the different sections (in reality, SWIM only plays two instruments), which he found quite pleasurable. Some shallowness of breathing was noted later on.
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May 26, 2018
And some more:

The drug I hate the most is Nembutal. The drug I love the most is Nembutal.

The love and the hate are for completely different reasons though. Love it because, let's say if I had enough, say 12 grams, I could dissolve it it water, neck it, and be done with everything very quickly. A nice peaceful end to what has been years of emotional torture and intellectual insult.

But I hate it because when I had it, I'd take a 200mg, and act like Mr Inflated Ego and I've managed to lose the respect of a couple of acquaintances through my behaviour whilst on that shit and taking it for "recreational" purposes. The only thing "recreational" about it is that it allows you to act like a smart ass with a massively inflated sense of self-importance with little regard for reality, all the while losing some of your coordination and the ability to walk in a straight line. The only thing great about using it "recreationally" so to speak is that it makes going to sleep a whole heck of a lot easier, because once my head touched the pillow it was lights out for at least 6 hours.

Yep. Nembutal. The stuff of legends. The powder of angels...and, when mixed with water, nectar of the Gods.


I'd agree with muie, but also would like to add that my experience with pentobarbital (also called Nembutal) was a strange one.

100mg one day, I would feel a bit relaxed. 100mg another day, I'd feel dizzy and lightheaded and not really with it. Then 100mg on another day I would not feel much relaxation at all and would in fact sometimes get agitation and start ranting to myself out loud. I went through 30 x 100mg Nembutal over the course of a few months, taking note of the effects. The effects range from 1 to 10 on an arbitrary scale. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's hit and miss. I took 200mg and just felt drunk, and the greatest irony is I couldn't fall asleep even if I felt so relaxed because I was talking to myself like a maniac - that was until I took 90mg mirtazapine and that eventually got me to sleep - and it works well with Nembutal because it seems to synergise with the H1 receptor antagonism that mirtazapine is famous (or infamous, if you will) for.

Does anyone know what's behind these mixed reactions? Barbiturates are not my cup of tea, but I do believe they're the strongest sleep drugs because for me they've rarely failed to get me to sleep, especially the pheno (funny that), and of course, let's not forget, they are PERFECT for suicide, which is why the fast acting ones are no longer around - well, not to most people anyway.

Phenobarbital to me is actually stronger than pentobarbital despite it's slower onset and it's reputation as being weak is really not justified. It's damned strong stuff regardless of how your typical junkie thinks of it. If I take 240mg phenobarbital it begins to take effect in 30 minutes - seriously, that's all it takes to start hitting me, and within an hour I could be falling asleep on it. If I take 100mg pentobarbital, it takes effect in 15-20 minutes, but pento doesn't seem to really slam until about 90 minutes after I've taken it, whereas pheno slams me in 60 minutes and it slams hard as a brick wall. The only difference between these two drugs is the gradient of effect. They both get you to the same point, but the gradient is different. With pheno it's a slow onset then all of a sudden WHAM, you hit a brick wall and you are on your arse! With pento it begins it's effect almost immediately and initially it's weak but then ramps up gradually until you feel the stronger effects. Maybe that's why junkies prefer the gentler gradient of pento (if I say so myself). Maybe I'm not your typical cookie-cutter insomniac. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool insomniac, I never had trouble sleeping as a child, but as an adult getting to sleep can be a fucking nightmare.

Pento lasts about 8-10 hours, makes me feel a bit sleepy for about an hour or two after waking up. Pheno lasts a day and sometimes will kick my arse for 2 days. Pento is a very strong anxiolytic but not a very strong hypnotic for me. Pheno is both a strong anxiolytic and an enormously strong hypnotic. I don't understand why a drug that is classed as weak works so well for me - it's more reliable at knocking me on my arse than Nembutal. I know junkies prefer a quick strong effect, but pento doesn't give me such an effect unless I drop like 300mg and then it's lights out for about 6 hours and waking up with a very shitty hangover and wishing I had died - not unlike alcohol - where I want to lash out at anyone who irritates me, with feelings of paranoia and anxiety coming on hard once the drug wears off and then spend much of the day complaining about the weather, people, certain things, etc and being a pain in the arse to myself and everyone around me. I never got that with pheno. Strange but true. Pento hits quickly and gently and gets nice and strong as it goes from the 30 minute mark to the 60 minute mark, but it stops bluntly and brutally. Pheno is slow to hit, and starts to hit at 30-40 minutes, but when it gets to the 60 minute mark it seems to start hitting like a freight train, sudden and forceful, but it tapers off nice and gentle, and doesn't leave me with a hangover that makes me want to do nasty things.

Pentobarbital is like a straight 45 degree line, constantly increasing in effect to the peak, whereas phenobarbital is like a parabolic curve that seems to do nothing for a while then starts to ramp up like crazy.

BTW as far as toxicity is concerned, I think hexobarbital was the most toxic commonly available barbiturate, and not pentobarbital as many have claimed. Phenobarbital is less toxic due to it's lower lipid solubility but if enough of it is taken an overdose can easily be fatal.
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