Jul 16, 2018
When writing your final note or notes, or even just as your bus comes ever closer, is it just me or do you feel euphoria or euphoric or elated when it comes to feeling 'excited' about catching the bus so to speak?

(That is, if you know 99 percent you won't miss the bus or anything that could go wrong, etc.). Not to be a mood wrecker there. Lol.

I'm pretty sure it's actually a thing, just like when people have ideation of catching the bus, or looking at the timetable for the next bus, etc. etc. you get what I mean.

Of course, I wouldn't be leaving any writing materials laying around until it was 100 percent thunderbirds go, because let's face it, wouldn't want anyone to find those notes or video diaries/logs until long after the bus has left with you safely and assuredly onboard, you know.

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depressed cats
Apr 10, 2018
I've had many dreams where I committed suicide, and there was the euphoria you're speaking of. I have difficulty describing it, it's almost like a feeling of longing, like I can't believe I'm finally doing this right now!