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Sep 11, 2018
The final frontier

[me] creates <Chatamoon> 00:00:00
[me] joins <Chatamoon>

Welcome [me]!

[me] invites [you]


[you] joins <Chatamoon>

Welcome, [you]!

Wanna go to space?


[you] is typing...
[you] is typing...
[you]: ...
[me]: (ΦωΦ)
[me]: hell yea

[me]: No backsies now!!

[me] bans [you]!
[me] bans [me]!

[me] ends <Chatamoon> 00:05:03

[you] starts <Wtf>
[you] joins <Wtf>

Welcome [you]!

[you]: wtf

[me] joins chat!
[you] bans [me]!

[you]: no
[you]: fcking auto bullshit
[you]: wheres the goddamn choice for no

[you] ends <Wtf> 00:002:01

Quote of the day
"There was never a choice."

You is Maezawa in my head. Me is me. And I want to go to space.
So yo
Ground control to Major Tom
Reporting in, reporting in
Major Tom, I want to go to space.